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Q: When are the 2007 Race regulations going to be made available?
A: The 2007 Race Regulations will be made available for the 2nd week in February 2007
Q: My ACU Licence needs a Club signature. What do I do?
A: If you are a Darley Moor Member for the 2006 season send the Licence to the registered office for a counter signature.
Q: What is a transponder?
A: The Transponder is your personal identification number when you are on the track. The seven - digit number on your Transponder is unique to you. It assists the official timing team. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE TRANSPONDERS DURING A MEETING.
Q: Must I have my own transponder?
A: The short answer is YES. It is much better to have your own Transponder. However in an emergency the Club will hire you one at a cost of £15.00 per day. YOU MUST NOT BORROW ANOTHER RIDER'S REGISTERED TRANSPONDER DURING A MEETING.
Q: Where do I buy a Transponder?
A: You can buy a Transponder from the Club timekeepers HS Sports. Visit their website at or ring them on 01260 275708.
Q: Where do I place the Transponder on the machine?
A: You should place the Transponder as near the front of the machine as possible - on a solo one of the best places is on the top of the fork leg. On a sidecar the best place is on the chassis next to the sidecar wheel. The Transponder needs to be vertical i.e. you need to be able to read the number when it is fastened in the mounting bracket. The bottom of the Transponder needs to be pointing to the track.
Q: How long does it take to charge the Transponder?
A: When fully discharged the Transponder will require 24 hours to become fully charged. This will be enough for three days use. (When taken out of the charging cradle the transponder should flash a green light three times then a gap then three more flashes indicating it is fully charged.)
If you constantly charge the transponder for less than 24 hours or do not allow it to fully discharge the battery performance will be reduced.
Q: When must I fit my Transponder?
A: Your transponder must be fitted when you attend Technical Control. It MUST be fitted every time you go on the track even for practice. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE YOUR TRANSPONDER IS CHARGED AND FITTED BEFORE YOU GO ON THE TRACK.
Q: Who needs to know my Transponder Number?
A: If you have not put your Transponder number on your Entry Form, you must tell the Race Office your Transponder Number before you go on to the track for PRACTICE or racing. If you change your Transponder during a meeting remember to inform the Race Office.
Q: Will the Transponder interfere with my own lap timer?
A: Normally your Transponder is NOT compatible with on - board timing devices.
Q: Once I stop racing can I sell my Transponder?
A: Once you decide to retire from racing you can sell your Transponder to another competitor. The Club will also buy back transponders provided it has been purchased from HS Sports or MST Timing and you have the receipt. The Club will not buy any transponder that has been damaged in anyway.
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