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Darley Moor Competitor Training

ACU Training Course for Road Race Licence Applicants As part of the ACUís ongoing policy of rider development and education, and in line with requirements as laid down in the 2008/9 ACU Handbook, all first time applicants for Novice and Intermediate Novice Road Race licences must undergo a training course.

The ACU Training Course (ACU-T Course) is designed specifically for you as a first time Road Race Licence applicant.

The purpose of the course is to ensure that you understand the basic safety and organisational requirements to participate in road racing. Before any new licence can be issued, you must satisfactorily attend the course and pass the multiple-choice test. If you have any worries that you may find the end of course test difficult to complete, please call 01788 566422.

The ACU Training Course will be held on a Saturday at Darley Moor Sports Centre Ashbourne, organised by the Darley Moor Club. The course will start at 9.30am and hopefully conclude by approximately 1.00pm. Course dates are listed on the booking form. To book a place on the course please complete the attached form. The fee for the course includes the course notes and the test itself.

To obtain your Competition Licence you must provide proof with your application form of your competence to ride a motorcycle using one of the following four ways:-

  • Hold a certificate of competence from an ACU Registered Track-based Training School/Race School or ACU Road Race Club Training Day issued within the previous 12 months.
  • Hold a valid DVLA Class A driving licence or valid CBT Certificate. A photocopy of the DVLA licence or CBT should be attached to your licence application form.
  • Have held an ACU Competition Licence for a minimum of one year for any off-road discipline attach a photocopy of this, along with a result sheet from a race, to your licence application form.
  • Have competed at a competitive motorcycle event on a motorcycle with a manual clutch and gearbox. This must be supported by the following

1. Result sheets from at least two races issued within the previous 12 months
2. At least two photographs of the rider taking part in competition on the motorcycle.

You will be able to complete a Rider Assessment Course at Darley Moor on the dates listed on the Rider Assessment booking form. To do this you must have your own motorcycle, which must comply with ACU noise requirements. Full details on the booking form.

Please complete and return the Booking Form to:
Darley Moor MCRRC Ltd
Anvil House
Derby Road
Old Tupton
S42 6LA

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