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BURNOUT SUPERBIKE TYRES - Motorcycle Tyres and Workshop Diagnostics


Burnout Superbike Tyres and Services - Best Deals on Motorcycle Tyres and FREE Pick Up and Delivery On Local Services

BURNOUT SUPERBIKE TYRES opened in March 2003 due to the increase of motorcycle sales, and the obvious need for tyre replacement. We are determined to give the best customer service and use all of today's technology. Here at Burnout we offer a specialist RIDE IN/RIDE OUT service for today's modern sportsbike owner.
We stock leading brands to fit the majority of today's high performance motorcycles from 400cc upwards.
The location of our motorcycle business is in Clay Cross, Chesterfield Derbyshire. The staff are all motorcycle enthusiasts and have a vast knowledge of suitable fitments for particular motorcycles. 

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BURNOUT SUPERBIKE TYRES workshops is equipped with tyre changing machines that are designed specifically for motorcycles and they will not damage or scratch rims, we balance wheels with a computerised wheel balancer.

Burnout Superbikes now have the latest plug in diagnostic equipment for fault finding and on board motorcycle diagnostics for most makes and models. Our Motor cycle Diagnostics service is suitable for all fuel injected motorcycles.

Motor Cycle Diagnostics for fuel injected motorcycles

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