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  • Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor
  • Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor
  • Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor

Darley Moor Motor Sports Centre Nr Ashbourne Derbyshire
Postcode for your Sat Nav is DE6 2ET
Circuit Telephone Number

01335 343833


The Darley Moor Club are now seeking a supplier of Motorcycle and kart spares, including oils etc, to service the Club meetings at Darley Moor during 2019 and beyond. We currently have a tyre fitter but are looking to someone to supply everything else. If you are interested or wish to discuss details then in the first instance contact info@darleymoor.co.uk.


 Dates 2019

Darley Moor Sports Centre

Saturday 6th April Test Day Darley Moor 

Sunday 7th April Round 1 Darley Moor

Includes Round 1 of the Curtis Milner Trophy 

Monday 6th May Round 2 Darley Moor

Includes Round 2 of the Curtis Milner Trophy

& Thunderfest 2019

Saturday 18th May Vintage /BHR 

Sunday 19th May Vintage /BHR

Sunday 16th June Round 3 Darley Moor

Saturday 13th July Test Day Darley Moor

Sunday 14th July Round 4 Darley Moor 

Sunday 4th August Round 5 Darley Moor

Sunday 15th September Round 6 Darley Moor

Includes the Graham Bywater Trophy 

Saturday 12th October Test Day Darley Moor

Sunday 13th October Round 7 Darley Moor 

Including 2019 STARS AT DARLEY.  

Includes the Jake Hingley Trophy 



2017 Darley Moor Championship Winners  

Can any 2017 Championship winners who have ot yet returned their Club Trophies do so as soon as possible please. 

They can be returned to Darley Moor Sports Centre most weekends but please ring 01335 343833 to confirm we are there. Or they can be returned to Sandra Nelson by post.

If you have a problem in returning your trophy please ring 01246 866537 or 01335 343833.

Thank you. 





    Racing Results ...
    2010 Racing Results
    Darley Moor Racing Results

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Latest News...
Small increases in spectator charges for 2019 - the first in anumber of years. ...
5th of November 2018
Darley Moor announce big overhaul of Championship Classes for 2019....
5th of November 2018
Your ACU Licence fee will cost you more in 2019....
5th of November 2018

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