Do I need a licence of any kind to start racing?

You will need a Road Race Licence from the ACU to race your motorcycle at authorised race meetings. A Licence will cost you £48.00 and will be valid from 1st January until 31st December each year. Provided you are reasonably fit there is no need for a medical, but an eyesight examination will be required every third year.

There is a requirement to attend a Pre - Licence Qualification Course (ACU-T) before a new Road Race Licence can be issued. Details of this course will be sent with your ACU Licence Application Form. The ACU-T course is also held from time to time at Darley Moor details are on the Darley Moor website. You must successfully attend and pass this course before you can apply for your Road Race Licence. The Certificate, which is valid for 12 months, from your ACU-T Course must be attached to your Licence Application Form. (For security reasons you are strongly advised to take and keep a copy of your Certificate)

You must also prove that you can ride a motorcycle. To do this you must attend a Basic Rider Assessment Course. At certain times of the year this can be done at Darley Moor again see the website for details.

Once you have obtained your Licence application form, complete the form, had your eyesight tested and successfully completed the ACU-T Course, you should insert your ACU Unique Number on your Licence Application Form (at Darley Moor your Darley Membership Number is the same as the ACU nUnique Number). 

You can now apply for your ACU Road Race Licence on-line if you wish.

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