New Basic Rider Assessment prior to the issue of a first Road Race Licence

New Basic Rider Assessment prior to the issue of a first Road Race Licence

The Road Race Committee recently agreed to make it compulsory for all applicants for a new ACU Road Race Licence to ride a solo or drive a sidecar, to undergo a test to prove they could ride a motorcycle in a competition / track environment.

The classroom based theory Compulsory Training Course was introduced in 2003, but until now, if you held a DVLA Class A Licence to ride a motorcycle on the road or had adult racing experience (e.g. Supermoto, Motocross) you were considered competent to take to the race track.  Following concerns that were raised by Insurers, Circuit Owners, Instructors and Clubs it was agreed by the Road Race Committee that changes were required to the present arrangement.

The theory based Compulsory Training Course will be updated before the end of the year and will be delivered in an identical manner by all providers.

Every applicant will have to undergo the Basic Rider Assessment to prove that he or she is able to ride a motorcycle on the race track in an appropriate manner. A full Road Race start procedure will be included as part of the assessment, perhaps the most stressful part of any new competitors race-day!

The rider ability test is expected to take around 60 to 90 minutes, depending on numbers. It will comprise a structured set of riding skill tutor / assessment sessions. This will be mainly on track, but will also including off-track basic machine control skills for less experienced and / or junior riders. The tests will be conducted by ACU approved coaches on circuits countrywide. 

It is anticipated that many Road Race Clubs will join together, especially before the start of the 2014 season, to make the rider ability test available at as many venues as possible. Most organisers will provide the basic theory CTC and Basic Rider Assessment as part of a single day – many Road Race Clubs do this already.  Many track day organisers also provide this already and will expand the provision.  The Road Race Committee has been keen to make sure of the availability throughout the year.

Please watch the ACU website for full details of venues and dates. Costs will vary according to venues but it is not expected that the total cost of obtaining the first Road Race Licence will rise significantly.

Road Race Chairman, Paul King commented, “since the Compulsory Training Course was introduced during 2003, it is understood that the number of accidents involving newcomers to Road Racing, in their first few races, has fallen significantly and it is felt that this extension to the scheme will have a similar result.  The aim is also to make going racing for the first time an easier and less stressful undertaking.”

Further information can be obtained from the ACU Road Race Department at ACU House, Rugby, telephone 01788 566405/6. E-mail

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