Spectator Entrance Fees Rise for 2019

Small increases in spectator charges for 2019 - the first in a.number of years have been announced by Darley Moor Sports Centre.

The Darley Moor Sports Centre regret to announce that after a number of years with no increases in fees there is to be a small increase in Entry Charges for 2019. For all meetings except the 2019 Stars at Darley the Adult admission charge will be £13.00 and for Seniors the cost will be £9.00. For test days there will be no increase at £6.00 and £4.00 respectively. For the 2019 Stars at Darley meeting fees will remain at £16.00 and £10.00 each. Children under 16 will continue to be admitted free of charge. Camping will now cost £6.00 per night per tent or caravan.

However there is some good news in that Season Passes for 2019 will remain at the 2018 prices of £80.00 and £50.00 for Adults and Senior Citizens. 

Darley Moor Sports Centre are also pleased to announce that pre-booked tickets for the 2019 season will not be increasing in price further details are availabe at www.darleymoorstore.co.uk


RACE RESULTS 07/10/2018
Round #7 & Stars

Next Event: March 2019 Round #1

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