Darley Moor M.C.R.R.C. FAQ's and Information 2021

What bike can I race on to start racing?

There are restrictions as to size and type of motorcycle you may race if you are a newcomer to road racing.

Do I need a licence of any kind to start racing?

You will need a Road Race Licence from the ACU to race your motorcycle at authorised race meetings. A Licence will cost you

What should I do first to start racing?

You have to be a member of a Motorcycle Club that is affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union, the ACU for short.

Once I stop racing can I sell my Transponder?

Once you decide to retire from racing you can sell your Transponder to another competitor. The Club will also buy back transponders provided it has been purchased from HS Sports or MST Timing and you have the receipt. The Club will not buy any transponder that has been damaged in anyway.

Will the Transponder interfere with my own lap timer?

Normally your Transponder is NOT compatible with on - board timing devices.

Who needs to know my Transponder Number?

If you have not put your Transponder number on your Entry Form, you must tell the Race Office your Transponder Number before you go on to the track for PRACTICE or racing. If you change your Transponder during a meeting remember to inform the Race Office.

When must I fit my Transponder?

Your transponder must be fitted when you attend Technical Control.

How long does it take to charge the Transponder?

When fully discharged the Transponder will require 24 hours to become fully charged.

Must I have my own transponder?

The short answer is YES. It is much better to have your own Transponder. However in an emergency the Club will hire you one at a cost of �15.00 per day. YOU MUST NOT BORROW ANOTHER RIDER'S REGISTERED TRANSPONDER DURING A MEETING.

What is a transponder?

The Transponder is your personal identification number when you are on the track. The seven - digit number on your Transponder is unique to you. It assists the official timing team. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE TRANSPONDERS DURING A MEETING.

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Round #8 & Stars

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