How much does it cost to spectate at Darley Moor Sports Centre?

The cost of adult admission to Darley Moor for all meetings except the Stars at Darley event is £16.00 per day, children under 16 are free, Senior Citizens are £12.00. Parking is free, Paddock Transfer is free and a programme costs £3.00.

For the Stars at Darley event on 9th & 10th October the adult admission price is £18.00 and Senior Citizens £14.00.

Adult admission to the Test Days is £6.00 and Senior Citizens £4.00. There is currently no charge for spectating at Track Days. 

Children under 16 are currently admitted free of charge to all events. 

Advance Tickets at discount prices are available on-line just visit the Darley Race Shop for full details.

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RACE RESULTS 10/10/2021
Round #8 & Stars

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