ACU - Auto Cycle Union

The Auto-Cycle Union is the Governing Body for motorcycle sport throughout Britain. It is recognised by the Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme ( FIM ). The ACU was a founder member of this body in 1904. The role of the ACU in British motorcycle sport may be summarised as follows:- The main objective of the ACU is to provide all participants in motorcycle sport with enjoyable, safe and competitive days of sporting action. With over 630 clubs divided into 21 centres, there are many opportunities available for interested parties, irrespective of age or ability. It sets the rules for the various aspects of the sport. It ensures fair play. It trains stewards, marshals and observers to ensure track safety. It sets, checks and revises safety standards, which ensure that motorcycle sport is an insurable commodity. It retains a body of medical advisors. It tracks the progess of national championships and contributes to the wider world of motorcycling that makes international competition happen. It is in constant contact with many Government departments to defend and develop the sport of Motorcycling. It remains independent from the many commercial pressures which inevitably shape and redirect our sport.

RACE RESULTS 10/10/2021
Round #8 & Stars

Next Event: March 2022 Round #1

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