Major Changes to Regulations and Entry Forms

Following the Covid -19 pandemic the ACU have implemented major changes to the Regulations and the Entry Forms. They have also cancelled all the previously issued Permit Numbers for meetings and practice days. This has meant a complete re-write of all our Regulations and Entry Forms for all events at Darley Moor. We have also had to apply, like every other Club for new Permit Numbers. 

Unfortunately all this takes time. We have now received our new Permit Numbers and had our Regulations and Entry Forms approved by the ACU. These are now with our printers and hopefully they will be printed by early in the week commencing 22nd June and posted onto you during that week. 

Re-writing the Regulations and Entry Forms for the Website is a slightly more difficult task as it means virtually a full re-write of the on-line booking system. We are constantly working on this at present but cannot at present give a finish date. 

In the meantime please do NOT complete and send any of the Blue Entry Forms from your Membership Pack as they will only be destroyed as the Permit Numbers have been deleted.

Thank You.

RACE RESULTS 10/10/2021
Round #8 & Stars

Next Event: March 2022 Round #1

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