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Starting Motorcyle Racing?
To start Motorcycle Road Racing in England and Wales you have to be at least twelve years of age.

As well as having to have a motorcycle etc there are a number of other requirements.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, and the answers…

Darley Moor - Starting Racing - Motor Cycle Road Racing in England and Wales


What should I do first?
You have to be a member of a Motorcycle Club that is affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union, the ACU for short. The ACU is the governing body of motorcycle road racing in England and Wales, including the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man. The cost of Club Membership varies but is normally a few pounds each year. You then have to decide which Club(s) you wish to join. You may have to obtain information from several Clubs to help you decide.

Do I need a licence of any kind?
You will need a Road Race Licence from the ACU to race your motorcycle at authorised race meetings. A Licence will cost you £43.00 and will be valid from 1st January until 31st December each year. Provided you are reasonably fit there is no need for a medical, but an eyesight examination will be required every third year.

There is a requirement to attend a Pre - Licence Qualification Course (ACU-T) before a new Road Race Licence can be issued. Details of this course will be sent with your ACU Licence Application Form. The ACU-T course is also held from time to time at Darley Moor details are on the Darley Moor website. You must successfully attend and pass this course before you can apply for your Road Race Licence. The Certificate, which is valid for 12 months, from your ACU-T Course must be attached to your Licence Application Form. (For security reasons you are strongly advised to take and keep a copy of your Certificate)

You must also prove that you can ride a motorcycle. This can be done in several ways - see the ACU Licence Application Form for full details. At certain times of the year this can be done at Darley Moor again see the website for details.

Once you have obtained your Licence application form, complete the form, had your eyesight tested and successfully completed the ACU-T Course, you should send your Licence Application Form to the Club Secretary together with your Membership Form to join that club. If you put a stamped addressed envelope to the ACU with your Licence application form (remember the cheque if required), the Secretary will normally countersign your Licence application and forward to the ACU.

What bike can I race?
There are restrictions as to size and type of motorcycle you may race if you are a newcomer to road racing.

At 12 years of age you may ride a Production based machine up to 125cc two stroke or 250cc four stroke.

At 15 years of age you may ride a GP type machine up to 125cc two stroke or 250cc four stroke.

AT 16 years of age you may ride a Production based machine up to 250cc two stroke, or a 400cc four stroke four cylinder or 650cc four stroke twin cylinder.

At 18 years of age without a DVLA Class A Road Licence you can ride a Production based machine up to 600cc four stroke four cylinder, 675cc four stroke three cylinder or a 750cc four stroke twin cylinder or a GP machine up to 250cc two stroke.
There are no restrictions on the type of machine you can ride if you are over 18years old and hols a DVLA Class A Road Licence.

Please see the ACU Licence Application Form (ACU Web Site) for full details of these restrictions.

As a newcomer to Road Racing you are required to wear an orange vest over your leathers, this can be obtained from the ACU at the same time as you apply for your Licence. The cost of the orange vest is £7.00 (non-refundable)

What next?
When you took your ACU-T course you would have been given an ACU Handbook that will help you understand the rules and regulations governing Road Racing. Also in this book are the technical regulations concerning the safety requirements of your machine and clothing (including your helmet etc.). You are advised to pay particular attention to these requirements because failure to observe them may result in your not being eligible for a race meeting.

And to enter a race?
The Club(s) that you have joined will normally send you Regulations and Entry Forms for the meetings they are holding. These regulations are in addition to those in the ACU handbook and not instead of them.

All entry forms will have a closing date for acceptance of entries. You are strongly advised to enter well before the closing date to avoid disappointment.

So, decide where and when you want to race, fill in the form and post it off to the club secretary.

Then all you have to do is turn up properly prepared, practice and race.

One thing is for sure…when you finish your first race, you will wish you had done it years ago!!

GO FOR IT but above all else enjoy it...

Darley Moor - Starting Racing - Motor Cycle Road Racing in England and Wales
Further details of the Road Racing Clubs affiliated to the ACU and details of how to apply for your ACU Road Racing Licence are available from the ACU (address below) or you may ring 01788 566400 MEMBERSHIP DEPT., during office hours and ask for a Road Race Starter Pack.

Auto Cycle Union
ACU House
Wood Street
CV21 2YX


Darley Moor Motor Cycle Road Racing Club Ltd
Anvil House
Derby Road
Old Tupton
Chesterfield S42 6LA


Tel 01246 866537
Fax 01246 861480

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