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Spectator Entrance Fees Rise for 2019

Small increases in spectator charges for 2019 - the first in anumber of years.

Changes to Championship Classes for 2019 season

Darley Moor announce big overhaul of Championship Classes for 2019.

ACU Licence Fee increase for 2019

Your ACU Licence fee will cost you more in 2019.

Changes to races and race format at meetings.

Allcomers Non-Championshipraces added to the race programme.

Changes to qualifications for up grade of Licence to National.

Changes to qualifications for up grade of ACU Road Race Licence to National.

New Basic Rider Assessment prior to the issue of a first Road Race Licence

The Road Race Committee recently agreed to make it compulsory for all applicants for a new ACU Road Race Licence to ride a solo or drive a sidecar, to undergo a test to prove they could ride a motorcycle in a competition / track environment.

RACE RESULTS 07/10/2018
Round #7 & Stars

Next Event: March 2019 Round #1

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