Darley Moor Racing News 2019

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Championship Classes 2020

Proposed Championship Classes for 2020 at Darley Moor

No Increase in Spectator Charges for 2020

The Darley Moor Committee have decided there will be no increases to spectator charges for 2020.

No Increase in ACU Licence Fees for 2020

The fee will remain at £52.00

The ACU and AMCA Commit to Conduct More Drug and Alcohol Testing

The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) and Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA) have adopted a joint approach to tackle the increasing issue of drug and alcohol abuse.

Improvments for spectators at Darley Moor.

There have been a few improvements for spectators at Darley Moor over the winter months.

Changes to qualifications for up grade of Licence to National.

Changes to qualifications for up grade of ACU Road Race Licence to National.

RACE RESULTS 13/10/2019
Round #7 & Stars

Next Event: March 2020 Round #1 - 1st Meeting

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