Changes to the 2022 Classic & Forgotten Era Classes

Here are the changes to the Classic & Forgotten Era Classes for 2022

1.    Classic Class up to 250cc to CRMC Eligibility Rules 

       Classic Class 251cc to 500cc to CRMC Eligibility Rules

        Classic Class 501cc to 1300cc to CRMC Eligibility Rules

2.      Forgotten Era up to 250cc to Darley Moor Forgotten Era Rules 

         Forgotten Era 251cc to 500cc to Darley Moor Forgotten Era Rules  

         Forgotten Era 501cc to 1300cc to Darley Moor Forgotten Era Rules 

Darley Moor Forgotten Era Rules are in the Featured Pages of this website 

These Classes will only run on their own grid if there are MINIMUM of 16 entries per Class.



RACE RESULTS 10/10/2021
Round #8 & Stars

Next Event: May 2022 Round #2

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