Forgotten Era Regulations

Darley Moor Motor Cycle Road Racing Club Ltd

Forgotten Era Regulations

Separate classes for (a) up to 500cc and (b) over 500cc – Eligibility Rules (updated 2023)

1. Racing machines manufactured up to and including 31st December 1991 (125ccGP machines up to and including 31st December 1995).

2. Production-based machines must be first registered on or before 31 December 1991.

3. In addition to these Eligibility Rules machines must comply with the General Technical Rules set out in the ACU Handbook.

4. Production-based machines must retain original frame numbers. Engines must be of the specification, as originally fitted.

5. Carburettors only – NO fuel injection permitted 

6. Treaded Tyres must be used but Wets are permitted. Free choice of wheel size. Tyre warmers may be used. No slick or cut-slick tyres are permitted.

7. Free choice of brakes.

8. No upside-down forks allowed, unless fitted to original machine. Internal components may be changed.

9. All machine details to be registered, if requested, with the Club, i.e. Make, Model and Year.

10. A rider of a production-based machine may be required to produce evidence that the machine was first registered before 31 December 1991.

11. The technical officials will take details of frame and engine numbers of any production-based machines, whose eligibility requires further investigation. The rider will be allowed to compete. Subject to a requirement to provide evidence of the machine’s year of first registration within 21 days.

12. After consultation the decision of the Chief Technical Officer and the Clerk of the Course will be final subject to the rider’s normal right of appeal.

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