• Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor M.R.R.C.
  • Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor M.R.R.C.
  • Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor M.R.R.C.
  • Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor M.R.R.C.
  • Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor M.R.R.C.
  • Motorcycle Racing and Road Racing at Darley Moor M.R.R.C.
Motorcycle racing results 2020
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2020 Championship Leaderboard Darley Moor M.C.R.R.C.

Junior : Senior :
Classic & F Era up to 250cc : Classic & F Era 251cc to 500cc :
Classic & F Era 501cc to 1300cc : Lightweight :
Honda CB500 and Suzuki Bandit : Formula 600 :
Pre-electronic 600cc & 750cc Twins : Mini Sound of Thunder :
Open Solo : Pre-Injection :
Sound of Thunder : Peak Cup :
Open Sidecar : Formula 600 Sidecar :

Darley Moor Sports Centre Darley Moor Ashbourne Derbyshire
Postcode for your Sat Nav is DE6 2ET
Circuit Telephone Number 01335 343833


Darley Moor Motor Cycle Road Racing Club Ltd

Darley Moor Sports Centre

A Statement from the Committee.

As we enter this third weekend of lockdown it is becoming obvious to many of us that the quick fix is probably not going to happen, and we really are in for a long haul to get rid of this terrible virus.

At the beginning of this lockdown your Committee had to make some very difficult decisions about closing the Sports Centre for all activities. We took those decisions following consultations with all our partners and advisors. We had very lengthy discussions with our Chief Medical Officer and our Chief Ambulance Officer and we also had conversations with medical staff at the hospitals where we send our casualties. The advice from everyone pointed to the fact that we could carry on, but the hospitals may not be able to take our casualties. Given that option the Committee took the decision to close the Darley Moor Sports Centre with immediate effect. That decision was generally greeted with agreement by everyone except a few selfish individuals. The Committee would like to thank everyone who supported their difficult decision. Most of the governing bodies of the sports we cater for at Darley Moor all agreed with the decision of the Committee and within a few days all sporting activity at Darley Moor was suspended until the end of April in the first instance.

Since then all governing bodies except the ACU have now suspended all permitted events until the 30th June and the ACU suspended events until the 31st May.

In the mean - time your Committee are working very hard to keep all our suppliers and partners informed as to what is happening with regards all the contracts, we have in place for work on Darley Moor. We are very lucky that all our contractors have been very helpful in helping us suspend and even cancel contracts without penalty. We thank them all for their understanding at this difficult time.  Like many firms Darley Moor is now going through a period with zero income and still having to pay monthly bills like heating, lighting and so on. Yes, the bills are reduced but unfortunately are still there every month.

There is still some maintenance work going on at Darley Moor because like our neighbours we are finding that the grass is still growing and if we don’t keep it cut we will have a difficult time getting everything ready for when we re-open the gates in better times. The Committee would like to thank the few lads that are still self - isolating by driving a tractor to keep the grass under control.

One question that has been asked a few times is well worth answering. If you have a Credit Note for £310.00 from the March meeting and you send it with your next entry and that entry is for £190.00, we will send you a further Credit Note for the outstanding £120.00. Can we as a Committee thank you all for accepting the Credit Notes and helping the Club out during these very difficult times? Thank you.

Finally, can we say to everyone please STAY SAFE AND STAY INDOORS WHERE POSSIBLE.

We all want to see you again at Darley Moor as soon as the virus permits.

The Committee

Darley Moor Motor Cycle Road Racing Club Ltd


3rd April 2020










RACE RESULTS 29/03/2020
Round #1

Next Event: Saturday 2nd May Round #2

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