Darley Moor M.C.R.R.C. Motorcycle Trackdays 2018

The Darley Moor Club will organising Motorcycle Track Days at the Darley Moor Motor Sports Centre, Whyaston Nr Ashbourne Derbyshire:

2018 Track Day Dates At Darley Moor



Friday 16th March #
Friday 20th April
Friday 1st June
Friday 29th June
Friday 20th July
Friday 17th August
Friday 31th August
Friday 28th September
Friday 19th October

# pre- booking essential

10.00 to 5.00 (Short Lunch Break)


Plus others to be added later.


Machines must not have any Race Numbers showing.

Slick Tyres are not permitted.

No timing equipment permitted.


Darley Moor - the best kept secret In Motor Sport.


Darley Moor M.C.R.R.C. Motor Cycle Road Racing Club 2009

The Darley Moor Club will organise Motorcycle Track Days at the Darley Moor Motor Sports Centre, Wyaston, Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire during 2018.


The circuit has some tricky corners and some really fast straights.


Full marshal and medical cover are available throughout the day.


All riders must be over 14 years old and must hold a full DVLA class A Motor Cycle Licence or hold an ACU Road Race Licence.


Machines must be 125cc or bigger. The noise limit is a strict 102 db(A) measured according to the ACU noise testing methods for Road Race Machines. Every machine will be noise tested before being permitted on the circuit. There will be no refunds for machines failing the noise test. Slick Tyres are not permitted and there must be no racing numbers showing on your machine. (Numbers with a cross on them are not accepted).


There will be a maximum of three groups based on riding ability and skills and a maximum of 20 riders per group. ACU approved instructors will be available throughout the day to help you improve your riding techniques.


You will be able to purchase a selection of sandwiches and snacks during the day and at lunchtime. Tea, coffee or squash is provided for wristband holders.


If booking in advance the cost is just £100.00 for the day or £60.00 for the morning or afternoon session. You can book and pay by using the Motorcycle Shop button on the website home page.

If a group of you wish to attend then we operate a special Group Discount. Book 10 and pay for 9. Ring 01246 866537 or 01335 343833 for details.


To just turn up on the day and pay (cash or credit/debit card) and ride the cost is £120.00 and £70.00 for the morning or afternoon only.


Further details can be obtained by email to:



Or by phoning

Eddie Nelson on 01246 866537 or 01335 343833


Darley Moor Motor Sports Centre


# Ring for full details of road legal and no racing machines



For further details ring...

Eddie Nelson on 01246 866537 or
Allan Wilson
on 01335 343833
or e-mail info@darleymoor.co.uk

RACE RESULTS 07/10/2018
Round #7 & Stars

Next Event: March 2019 Round #1

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