Andy Barber takes on New Role

The Darley Moor Motor Cycle Road Racing Club Ltd are delighted to announce that Andrew (Andy) Barber has agreed to take on the new position within the Club of Assistant General Secretary.

Andy a competitor and Club member for over 30 years is now looking forward to learning some new ways around Darley Moor as he starts to take over some of the duties currently undertaken by the General Secretary. As is always the case with a good man he will be ably assisted and backed up by his wife Debbi e and the rest of their family.  

Don Ryder, the Club Chairman, welcomed Andy on board the team and said “it is really good to get some more younger blood in to helping with the huge task of running the Club on a day to day basis”

Andy explained that he was delighted to be able to start and put something back into the Club after so many years of enjoyment as a competitor.

The current General Secretary, Eddie Nelson, is now hoping to start and reduce some of the many tasks associated with the role which over the last few years seem to have grown tremendously especially with legal and planning issues.

It is hoped by the Darley Moor Committee that this appointment will be the first as it strives to plan for the future of the Club.

We all take this opportunity to wish Andy every success in his new difficult and different role within the Club. 

RACE RESULTS 13/10/2019
Round #7 & Stars

Next Event: March 2020 Round #1 - 1st Meeting

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